Hello! My name is Kevin and I'm a Computer Science student. I write libraries, applications, games and sometimes things like this website. I just started making tutorials for game and graphics programming, so others will have it a little bit easier to find information on this subject than I had. Feel free to leave me a comment or just head over to the contact page and shoot me a mail. Thanks.

My current projects I'm working on:


3ditor user interface

A simple 3D level editor, you can use to create 3D scenes in a WYSIWYG style. Export scene data to JSON for easy engine integration later on.

Dream Engine

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A small 3D C++ game library. Features SDL2 with OpenGL for rendering, Bullet Physics and FMOD for audio.

Dungeon Crawler

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A 3D multiplayer game, where you dig through procedurally generated dungeons. Loot together with your friends or fight them to get the most.