Organizing my thoughts

Since a while now I'm thinking about the plans I had of doing tutorials. Initially I just wanted to stick to games and how to make them.
But since I did have the inner urge to make more "core programming" by myself I decided to make tutorials about game engine programming, too.
So I came up with a small road map and here it is:

  • build a localization system for german and english versions of the website
  • start with a game engine tutorial (which applications/libraries/... to use)
  • start with recreating/refactoring a game from the portfolio and create a tutorial

I hope I will have finished these points by the end of this year.
I still don't know, if it will be as much fun as I imagine, but we will see. :D

Stay tuned,


EDIT: I still don't have decided, if I will make the tutorials in german, english or both in the future, that's why I will build the localization system for now ... xD