Last week I decided to relocate my server to a business hoster.
Next to the server I purchased a hosting control panel, since I don't have the time anymore to do all by myself/the shell...
After I went through the process of learning  how to do things like server configuration within the panel, it was all straight forward.

But there was one thing, I forgot...

I've made the old server more secure than anything I have at my home. It was interesting to learn about SSL (thanks to Let's Encrypt, which are awesome!), http header and... HSTS! Which, in short, prohibits non-secure access to the website and uses the SSL certificate of the website for something about a year...
My problem was, that I forgot about HSTS and after I moved all the files, databases, etc. to the new server, I couldn't access my website anymore. :'D
Fortunately, I still had the certificate files on the old server and after copying them to the new server and setting all up, the website was accessable again!

I've made it to a business hoster

So... phew... I have a far better server underneath, a control panel to access and edit all relevant data, managed email for all my domains and now more time to create (web-)applications. ;-)
I'm happy that I've made this step. Looking forward, what the future brings.